roger deruwe

Roger Deruwe

Roger Deruwe has studied at the school of music in Bruges where has sobtained several prizes for harmony, counterpoint, the history of music and the excellence prize for organ. Afterwards he has obtained at the Royal School of Music in Gent prizes for organ and fugue. Successively he was organist in the Saint Jacob Church, the Holy Blood Basilica and the Saint Salvator Cathedral in Bruges.

His career as a teacher of musical education has ended at the Saint Andreas Normal School. His interest in the vocal art made him accept in 1958 the offer as conductor of the a-capella ensemble of Bruges, the 'Renaat Veremans'-choir that he has conducted until 1986. With this choir he has realised, besides his attention for the practise of the own folk-singings, a lot of creations of less known old and contemporary composers.

His worry for the preservation of the Gregorian church hymns made him found in 1970 the Scola Gregoriana Brugensis, a choir that at present has a great reputation in a lot of European countries.

As an organist of concerts Roger Deruwe has performed in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria.